Bad.Build Flaw in Google Cloud Build Raises Concerns of Privilege Escalation


Cybersecurity researchers have uncovered a privilege escalation vulnerability in Google Cloud that could enable malicious actors tamper with application images and infect users, leading to supply chain attacks.

The issue, dubbed Bad.Build, is rooted in the Google Cloud Build service, according to cloud security firm Orca, which discovered and reported the issue.

“By abusing the flaw and enabling an impersonation of the default Cloud Build service, attackers can manipulate images in the Google Artifact Registry and inject malicious code,” the company said in a statement shared with The Hacker News.

“Any applications built from the manipulated images are then affected and, if the malformed applications are meant to be deployed on customer’s environments, the risk crosses from the supplying organization’s environment to their customers’ environments, constituting a major supply chain risk.”

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