A dive into Turla PowerShell usage

From welivesecurity.com

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Turla, also known as Snake, is an infamous espionage group recognized for its complex malware. To confound detection, its operators recently started using PowerShell scripts that provide direct, in-memory loading and execution of malware executables and libraries. This allows them to bypass detection that can trigger when a malicious executable is dropped on disk.

Turla is believed to have been operating since at least 2008, when it successfully breached the US military. More recently, it was involved in major attacks against the German Foreign Office and the French military.

This is not the first time Turla has used PowerShell in-memory loaders to increase its chances of bypassing security products. In 2018, Kaspersky Labs published a report that analyzed a Turla PowerShell loader that was based on the open-source project Posh-SecMod. However, it was quite buggy and often led to crashes.

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