XanXSS: XSS finding tool

From prodefence.org

XanXSS is a reflected XSS searching tool (DOM coming soon) that creates payloads based from templates. Unlike other XSS scanners that just run through a list of payloads. XanXSS tries to make the payload unidentifiable, for example:

Src= [2].Find(CoNfirm);= "JAVaScRIpT:proMpT(1))"javAscrIpt:/*--></scRIPt>
Me!</b</TextaRea></TiTLE><BUTtON ONcLIck='aleRT(1);'/>XaNxss</TEXTaRea>

With XanXSS every payload is different. XanXSS works by running through the payloads until a specified number is found or a timer hits the max time, this prevents it from looping for to long. Some of the features included in XanXSS:

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