Wiretapping -An ATM Skimming Attack to Steal Customer Data by Setting Hidden Camera & Whole the ATM Machine

From gbhackers.com

ATM Skimming Attack

U.S. Secret Service warned the new form of ATM Skimming Attack called “Wiretapping” targeting the financial institutions.

Criminals involved in this attack by creating a small size of the hole in the ATM machine and steal the customer data directly from card reader inside of the ATM Mchine.

Magnets and medical devices are used by criminals after creating the whole in ATM in order to steal the data from the card reader.

Attackers directly drill in front of the ATM machine and generate a large whole and it will be closed after they collect the data by placing the metal plate with instructions on how to use the ATM.

Meanwhile, attackers place the skimmer via the whole inside of the ATM and attached it via magnet with the card reader device.

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