WinRootHelper: Windows Privilege Escalation with PowerShell scripts


WinRootHelper: Windows Privilege Escalation PowerShell scripts

 WinRootHelper is a PowerShell script to help with privilege escalation on a compromised Windows box. This script is partially based on it’s Linux counterpart RootHelper.

Alpha Release of WinRootHelper
   This tool is in early stages of development as such this is an Alpha release. Starting the script will take you to a menu from which you can select three options that download and extract other tools that may be useful in privilege escalation on a compromised Windows machine.

Pull requests Welcome!
   By releasing this script in Alpha, under the banner of the GreySec Security Forums the hope is that the project will be expanded upon in an Open Source collaborative manner. Thus, all additions and updates are welcome but subject to review by Repo and Organization owners and collaborators.

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