Windows 11, Tesla, and Ubuntu Linux hacked at Pwn2Own Vancouver


On the first day of Pwn2Own Vancouver 2024, contestants demoed Windows 11, Tesla, and Ubuntu Linux zero-day vulnerabilities and exploit chains to win $732,500 and a Tesla Model 3 car.

The competition started with Haboob SA’s Abdul Aziz Hariri using an Adobe Reader exploit that combined an API restriction bypass and a command injection bug to gain code execution on macOS to earn $50,000.

Synacktiv won the Tesla Model 3 and $200,000 after hacking the Tesla ECU with Vehicle (VEH) CAN BUS Control in under 30 seconds using an integer overflow.

Theori security researchers Gwangun Jung and Junoh Lee earned $130,000 after escaping a VMware Workstation VM to gain code execution as SYSTEM on the host Windows OS using a chain targeting an uninitialized variable bug, a UAF weakness, and a heap-based buffer overflow.

Reverse Tactics’ Bruno PUJOS and Corentin BAYET collected $90,000 by exploiting two Oracle VirtualBox bugs and a Windows UAF to escape the VM and elevate privileges to SYSTEM.

The first day of the contest ended with Manfred Paul hacking the Apple Safari, Google Chrome, and Microsoft Edge web browsers, exploiting three zero-day vulnerabilities and winning $102,500.

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