Why understanding your data is the key to a successful cybersecurity strategy

From itproportal.com


Organizational networks can generate terabytes of data per day from normal activities, network-connected mobile devices, sensors and cloud-based services. There are thousands of data elements from multiple sources, such as web and systems logs of user activity, metadata, IP addresses, router logs, third-party antiviruses, and they all evolve and multiply. As they do this, the attack surface grows. Therefore, IT teams face the pressures of acting fast on gathered insights to secure their networks and minimize the risks of cyberattacks.

The problem is that with such large volumes of data, security professionals can become overwhelmed and struggle to collate it for analysis. Most commonly, however, they find it difficult to understand what each data point means, what its implications are and how to turn alerts into action. While it’s good practice to monitor and collect logs to monitor network activity,  does it actually make sense to do so if no one understands them? So, how does data help to improve cybersecurity strategies?

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