Why Everyone Is Needed to Make Cybersecurity Matter

From securityboulevard.com


When it comes to cybersecurity, everyone needs to be part of the solution if we ever hope to slow the rising tide of cyberattacks

Nearly 4.5 billion people—about 60% of the world’s population—were actively online last year. Every one of these individuals conducted business, shopped, handled their finances or browsed for information using a computer, tablet, smartphone or some other connected device at home or work.

But while greater global connectivity brings a wealth of benefits, we often fail to recognize that all of these connected people pose a potential cyberthreat to themselves and those around them.

As consumers, we have reached an important crossroads; we want high-tech companies and government agencies to protect us from cyberthreats, yet we, too, bear responsibility for securing our connected systems and data. If we ever hope to slow the rising tide of cyberattacks, everyone needs to be part of the solution.

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