Why Businesses Need a New Standard of Credential Stuffing Protection

From securityboulevard.com

Credential stuffing is a common type of account takeover attack and provides the required fuel — valid username-password combinations — to successfully compromise user accounts. Despite significant investments in fraud mitigation, credential stuffing remains a fruitful tactic to circumvent authentication defenses and cost businesses money. It’s time for account security vendors to set a new standard for minimizing the impact of these attacks on digital businesses and their customers. 

Arkose Labs is on a mission to make the internet safer for everyone. This is a lofty goal as we are up against opponents who are technically savvy, have easy access to the latest tools and technology, adopt creative approaches to scale up their attacks, and above all are continuously mobilizing their resources to maximize exploits. Continuous pilferage of consumers’ personally identifiable information, by way of frequent data breaches, is further supplementing their attacks, making it difficult for digital businesses to balance account security with user experience.

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