What is Spoofing? How It Works and How to Prevent it

From cybersecuritynews.com

Spoofing is a malicious practice that disguising as a legitimate source to gain sensitive information, or to gain access to victims’ devices. An attacker can trick you into believing that he is from the source by spoofing.

Spoofing is a type of attack where, “what we see will look like it, but it is not”.

Types of Spoofing

Email Spoofing:

About 90% of Cyber Attacks are carried out through emails. Email spoofing is something where the attacker sends an email posing as a legitimate sender by spoofing the “From:” address. The Victim will not notice the sender’s address and falls for the attacker.

Prevention: Check the sender’s address if an unwanted email is received and do not download attachments unless the sender is verified. verify the email header and make sure the

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