Week in review: Dealing with ransomware attacks, detecting use of stolen API credentials inside AWS

From helpnetsecurity.com

Here’s an overview of some of last week’s most interesting news, articles and podcasts:

Vulnerability in popular browsers could be used to track, profile users online
A vulnerability affecting desktop versions of four popular web browsers could be exploited by advertisers, malicious actors, and other third parties to track and profile users online even if they switch browsers, use incognito mode or a VPN, researcher and developer Konstantin Darutkin claims.

How to deal with ransomware attacks
Used in cyberattacks that can paralyze organizations, ransomware is malicious software that encrypts a computer system’s data and demands payment to restore access. To help organizations protect against ransomware attacks and recover from them if they happen, NIST has published an infographic offering a series of simple tips and tactics.

Collaboration between network access brokers and ransomware actors deepens
In this Help Net Security podcast, Brandon Hoffman, CISO at Intel 471, discusses about the increased collaboration between network access brokers (NAB) and ransomware operators, and how they funcion it today’s threat landscape.

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