Void Balaur Hackers-for-Hire Targeting Russian Businesses and Politics Entities

From thehackernews.com

A hack-for-hire group that was first exposed in 2019 has expanded its focus to set its sights on entities with business or political ties to Russia.

Dubbed Void Balaur, the cyber mercenary collective has a history of launching cyberattacks against biotechnology and telecom companies since 2015. As many as 3,500 victims have been reported as of November 2021.

“Void Balaur […] primarily dabbles in cyber espionage and data theft, selling the stolen information to anyone willing to pay,” Trend Micro noted at the time.

Attacks conducted by the group are typically both generic and opportunistic and are aimed at gaining unauthorized access to widely-used email services, social media, messaging, and corporate accounts.

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