VMware talks up multi-cloud era, need to transform security

From zdnet.com

Driven by the laws of physics, economics, and land, the future of enterprise computing will head towards a multi-cloud era and technology vendors will have to step up to help businesses manage these environments. Organisations also will need to get a better handle on security, which–comprising multiple tools from different vendors–has become too complex to manage effectively and is in need of a transformation. 

Every organisation eventually would operate in a multi-cloud, hybrid environment, predicted VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger, who was speaking at the company’s CIO Forum held in Singapore on Thursday. He pointed to the “three laws of cloud” that were fuelling this movement where economics, for instance, made it more cost effective for enterprises to look to the cloud as their storage, bandwidth, and networking requirements grew alongside their business. 

The laws of physics, however, meant that they would have to run some functions on-premise to ensure higher response time. For example, robotic arms in a factory floor that required a 50-millisecond response time would not be able to do so via the cloud. 

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