Using identity governance to mitigate future data breaches



Whether it’s inputting our email address and password to view content behind a paywall or using our social media accounts as login portals to order take-aways, today’s world very much operates on a value exchange. But, with consumers frequently opting to share data in return for access to online content and services, the pressure is on for businesses to ensure that this information remains secure.

While there is a growing recognition about data security, we’re are seeing breaches increasingly hitting the headlines – with companies such as Quora, the latest company in the spotlight for leaking consumer information. It therefore comes as no surprise that 57 per cent of British consumers are concerned about how much personal data they have previously shared online. And the problem doesn’t stop there. Recent hacks such as the Quora data breach have revealed that many consumers have lost track and are unsure of where they’ve previously shared their personal details, or even what user accounts they have. And this uncertainty around data sharing and user accounts isn’t exclusive to consumers, it is common with enterprise users as well.

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