Use Burp & FoxyProxy to Easily Switch Between Proxy Settings


One of the best ways to dig into a website and look for vulnerabilities is by using a proxy. By routing traffic through a proxy like Burp Suite, you can discover hidden flaws quickly, but sometimes it’s a pain to turn it on and off manually. Luckily, there is a browser add-on called FoxyProxy that automates this process with a single click of a button.

Why Use a Proxy Switcher?

A proxy switcher is a tool, usually in the form of a browser add-on, that allows one to turn a proxy on and off or cycle between multiple proxies with the click of a button. It saves loads of time as it usually takes many clicks to enable or disable a proxy.

It is beneficial for security researchers and penetration testers because the time saved messing around with settings can be put to better use, especially when exploring a website for testing. It can get annoying having to turn the proxy on and off constantly, but the use of a proxy switcher makes the process trivial.

FoxyProxy is a popular proxy switcher available for both Firefox and Google Chrome. Here, we will be installing and configuring FoxyProxy in Firefox to use in conjunction with Burp Suite.

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