unicorn-bios: Basic BIOS emulator for Unicorn Engine

From securityonline.info

Usage: unicorn-bios [OPTIONS] BOOT_IMG

    --help   / -h:  Displays help.
    --memory / -m:  The amount of memory to allocate for the virtual machine
                    (in megabytes). Defaults to 64MB, minimum 2MB.
    --break / -b    Breaks on a specific address.
    --break-int:    Breaks on interrupt calls.
    --break-iret:   Breaks on interrupt returns.
    --trap:         Raises a trap when breaking.
    --debug-video:  Turns on debug output for video services.
    --single-step:  Breaks on every instruction.
    --no-ui:        Don't start the user interface (output will be displayed to stdout, debug info to stderr).
    --no-colors:    Don't use colors.

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