Top 10 Malware January 2022


In January 2022, the Top 10 stayed consistent with the previous month with the exception of CryptoLocker and Snugy. Snugy returned to the Top 10, while CryptoLocker made its first appearance. CryptoLocker is a ransomware that was originally spread via email and the Gameover ZeuS botnet, but once the botnet was taken down, the encryption key was released. Since then, multiple variants have spawned, which are capable of encrypting files and are known for fully renaming files and appending them with a random extension, .encrypted, or .cryptolocker depending on the variant. These variants, although similar, are spread through numerous ways and may have varying capabilities. The Top 10 Malware variants comprise 69% of the total malware activity in January 2022, increasing 7% from December 2021.

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