To cope with stricter data regulation, enterprises should look to fully open APIs


High angle view of many yellow padlocks on yellow background. One of them is open.

Picture this scenario as a young enterprise: You are a customer of Azure, AWS, or the Google Cloud Platform, assuming they are the frontrunners. While traveling in Russia or a European Union country on a mission to expand your business, you discover that you’re required to have data locally stored. Even worse, in the EU, you face the GDPR and have national regulatory authorities warning you how using U.S.-based clouds in the EU violates the GDPR.

This is a huge problem. No matter where you go outside the U.S., you’ll have to comply with different regulations that could ultimately prevent you from deploying your applications successfully. By using the APIs of the big players, there’s either the possibility of no connectivity or even legal risk.

How can enterprises get around this issue? This is where fully open APIs based on open source software are a great help and the technology of the future.

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