ThreatList: WordPress Vulnerabilities Tripled in 2018


Despite fewer plugins being added to WordPress last year, the CMS saw an astounding tripling of vulnerabilities in its platform in 2018.

Vulnerabilities in popular content management system (CMS) WordPress are growing at a staggering rate, almost tripling in 2018, according to new web application bug research released Wednesday.

Researchers at Imperva said that in 2018, they continued to see a trend of increasing web application glitches. The overall number of new vulnerabilities in web apps in 2018 (17,142) soared upwards by 21 percent compared to 2017 (14,082).

Worse, according to Imperva’s data more than half of these web app vulnerabilities have a public exploit available to hackers, and a third of web application vulnerabilities don’t even have any available solution, including a workaround or patch.

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