ThreatList: Top 8 Threat Actors Targeting Canada in 2019


Canada malware

Bad actors are looking to hit financial and banking firms in Canada with geo-specific campaigns touting malware like Emotet, GandCrab and Ursnif.

Banking and financial services in Canada are being targeted in geo-specific attacks looking to spread varying forms of malware, according to researchers tracking thousands of malicious email campaigns between January 2019 to May 2019.

In particular, campaigns are typically launched by financially-motivated cybercriminals, but can also be orchestrated by national, state-sponsored threat actors (such as Advanced Persistent Threat or APT groups), said researchers with Proofpoint.

“In 2019, threats specific to Canadian interests, whether abusing Canadian brands, or affecting Canadian organizations through specific geo-targeting mean that defenders at Canadian companies must be cognizant of threats far more targeted than ‘North America,’” researchers said.

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