ThreatList: Ransomware, EKs and Trojans lead the Way in Q3 Malware Trends


After a two-quarter lull in the action, malware activity resurged in the third quarter of the year, especially on the business front.

When it comes to malware activity, businesses took a big hit in the third quarter, with detection trending upward by a whopping 55 percent, according to new research. Consumers saw an uptick too, but only a modest one: volume was up just 4 percent quarter-over-quarter for this segment.

Overall, there was an increase of five percent or 1.7 million more detections in Q3 than in Q2, according a recent report by Malwarebytes on cybercrime tactics and techniques in 2018.

In terms of trends in malware usage, there was a surge in the use of banking trojans and information-stealers (such as the ongoing scourge of the Emotet and LokiBot code). This meant that the trojan category in general took the No. 1 spot in terms of detections, spiking a notable 86 percent from last quarter.

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