Threat Hunting Enables Early Detection and Response


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From recent ransomware attacks on meatpacking giant JBS and oil transporter Colonial Pipeline to the massive SolarWinds breach that rattled both the public and private sectors, disruptive, costly and headline-making cyberattacks are happening at an alarming rate.

Officials at the FBI compared the need to confront rising cyberthreats to the post-9/11 rush to respond to international terrorism. In response, the White House recently released a blunt open letter calling on American businesses to take more urgent security measures to protect against ransomware attacks.

Within enterprises, C-suite and boardroom executives are turning to their security teams and asking, “What do we do now?” and “How can we avoid such an attack?” Security teams must reexamine their defenses and ensure they have the resources in place to prevent a costly ransomware attack from hurting their business.

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