Threat Assessment: Clop Ransomware


A conceptual image representing ransomware, such as the Clop ransomware family discussed in this threat assessment.

Unit 42 researchers have observed an uptick in Clop ransomware activity affecting the wholesale and retail, transportation and logistics, education, manufacturing, engineering, automotive, energy, financial, aerospace, telecommunications, professional and legal services, healthcare and high tech industries in the U.S., Europe, Canada, Asia Pacific and Latin America. Clop also leverages double extortion practices and hosts a leak site, where the number of victims has grown significantly since its launch in March 2020. Clop has been commonly observed being delivered as the final-stage payload of a malicious spam campaign carried out by the financially motivated actor TA505. This ransomware has also been linked to threat actors behind the recent global zero-day attacks on users of the Accellion File Transfer Appliance (FTA) product.

Due to the surge of this malicious activity, we’ve created this threat assessment for overall threat awareness. Full visualization of the techniques observed and their relevant courses of action can be viewed in the Unit 42 ATOM Viewer.

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