This Malicious Campaign Targets ICS Systems With Password-Cracking Tools To Create Botnets


Botnet Huawei

According to the details shared via a recent post, researchers from the cybersecurity firm Dragos have caught a severe malware campaign targeting industrial control systems. As observed, this malicious campaign targets ICS systems with password cracking tools for programmable logic controllers (PLCs). The threat actors advertise these tools on various platforms, claiming to unlock PLC and HMI terminals from multiple brands. The targets include Automation Direct, Omron, Siemens, Fuji Electric, Mitsubishi Electric, Pro-Face, Vigor, Panasonic, LG, and more. In the campaign that the researchers analyzed, they noticed that the advertised password-cracking tool didn’t actually crack anything. Instead, it recovered the password by exploiting a system vulnerability, which, in their case, affected Automation Direct.
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