These Bad Passwords Make Every Day Groundhog Day for IT Teams


Passwords are the bane of every IT department. No matter how much training they conduct or how many helpful reminders that they send out, users will inevitably cling to weak, reused, recycled or iterated passwords. Those bad passwords will also inevitably cause the IT department to have to mitigate unnecessary password-related cybersecurity risks – or worse, clean up after preventable, expensive password-related cybersecurity disasters.

Password insecurity is a major weakness that cybercriminals can exploit – experts estimate that more than 81% of data breaches are due to poor password security. Users know that password safety is important, but they often fail to take it seriously. In a 2020 survey, 91% of participants said that they understood the risk of password reuse but 59% admitted to doing it anyway – and 63% of them use the same password across multiple work and home applications.

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