There’s ‘bigger fish to fry’ than anti-encryption laws: Telstra security chief



Encryption-busting laws like Australia’s Assistance and Access Bill aren’t high on the list of essential cyber crimefighting tools, according to Jacqueline McNamara, head of cybersecurity at Telstra.

She’d rather have instant access to data on the ownership of IP addresses through organisations like the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), and being able to work more quickly with law enforcement agencies and other authorities.

Currently, getting access to this data generally requires a warrant or a subpoena.

“I think things like being able to easily access ICANN and look up IP addresses is a lot more important than accessing the minutiae of encrypted data communications. A lot of it is actually speed. A lot of these transactions are done and complete by the time anyone does it,” McNamara told SWIFT’s Sibos global financial services conference in Sydney on Tuesday.

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