After years of targeted hacks, epic heists, and run of the mill data breaches you might think that institutions would be getting wise to the importance of strong cybersecurity. But it seems 2018 was not the year.

Here’s WIRED’s look back at the biggest breaches, data exposures, ransomware attacks, state-sponsored campaigns, and general hacks of the year. Stay safe in 2019.


At the end of November, the massive hotel chain Marriott announced that as many as 500 million travelers who made a reservation at a Starwood hotel since 2014 had their data compromised. The hack originated at Starwood’s reservation system; Marriott acquired that hotel group in September 2016, but the intrusion went undetected until September 8 of this year. Marriott says it blocked attacker access by September 10, but it took until November 19 for the company to fully understand the scale of the breach.

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