The UK accidentally left secret plans for its COVID-19 contact-tracing app on an open Google Drive


Boris Johnson

The UK government accidentally revealed some of its future plans for its COVID-19 contact-tracing app by leaving them on a publicly accessible Google Drive.

The drive was spotted by Wired UK, and contained documents including one entitled “Product Direction: Release One” and labelled “OFFICIAL – SENSITIVE.”

A link to the open drive was included in a batch of documents published intended to detail the data and privacy protections and risks of the contact-tracing app, known as a Data Privacy Impact Assessment (DPIA).

The UK has yet to properly release its contact-tracing app, which is currently being tested on the Isle of Wight and is due for a wider national release one to two weeks from now. At the moment the app only asks users for the first half of their post code, and uses Bluetooth to alert them to when they may have come into contact with another user who has reported themself as positive for COVID-19.

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