The State of Phishing in 2021


Live Phishing Domains

In 2020 phishing exploded as the world faced a 100-year pandemic and many people moved to remote working and learning, which changed the phishing threat landscape forever. Our recent report, The State of Phishing, SlashNext Threat Labs, reports on the latest statistics and trends in phishing. In the last 12 months, cybercriminals launched thousands of new phishing pages every hour to harvest personal information, steal corporate data, and commit credit card fraud with no sign of slowing down. Phishing increased 42% in 2020, over 2019. By mid-2020, SlashNext Threat Labs saw the number of daily phishing threats top 25,000 a day, a 30% increase over 2019 figures. By fall, the number had grown to 35,000/day and grew to 50,000/day by December and continues to rise in 2021.

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