The Samba Vulnerability: What is CVE-2021-44142 and How to Fix It


An earlier version of an out-of-bounds (OOB) vulnerability in Samba was disclosed via Trend Micro Zero Day Initiative’s (ZDIPwn2Own Austin 2021. ZDI looked further into the security gap and found more variants of the vulnerability after the event and subsequently disclosed the findings to the company. While we have not seen any active attacks exploiting this vulnerability, CVE-2021-44142 received a CVSS rating of 9.9 out of the three variants reported. If abused, this security gap can be used by remote attackers to execute arbitrary code as root on all affected installations that use the virtual file system (VFS) module vfs_fruit. Samba has released all the relevant patches to mitigate the impact of the threats that can abuse this gap. Trend Micro customers are protected and can follow manual workarounds to address this issue.

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