The open internet repels its most insidious attackers. They’ll return


OPINION China and Russia have been colluding to try to get a Chinese Internet protocol, New IP, adopted as a global standard. It’s needed, they say, to improve quality of service guarantees. (Oh, and by the way, it also lets countries take complete control of their national networks, adding user registration requirements and shutting off interoperability.)

Oh, China. Oh, Russia. Why not just say you can’t trust your citizens and you need the tools to suppress information and dissent? But no, the long term policy of China in particular is to use standards bodies – in this case, the UN and the ITU – to pull a Trojan horse (or some rider legislation) and sneak in the bad stuff under the fig leaf of technical necessity.

It didn’t work this time, like it didn’t in when China tried repeatedly (see herehere, and here) to get a Wi-Fi “security and privacy” add-on, WAPI, in through the ISO and IEEE standardization process.

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