The Network is Key to Securing the Everywhere Perimeter


network penetration F5

In light of surging ransomware cases and recent high-profile cyberattacks like those on SolarWindsColonial Pipeline, and meat supplier JBS, enterprise security teams may fall into the trap of thinking, “more defenses are better.” They implement an arsenal of point solutions, hoping their bases will be covered. The reality is, an organization can spend as much as they can afford and add as many tools as they want to their portfolio–but if the underlying network infrastructure is not secure, these tools may not make a difference.

The way businesses often approach network security hasn’t kept pace with the demands of the increasingly distributed workforce or attacker sophistication. In the past, the hard edges of the traditional firewall were enough to protect an organization against outside access. But with today’s highly distributed workforce and the proliferation of IoT and personal devices, the traditional perimeter is obsolete. It’s nearly impossible to identify a rigid perimeter, with connections spanning the campus edge, user devices, IoT devices and both public and private clouds.

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