The NCSC 2022 Annual Report – What does the future hold?


In Britain, the National Centre for Cyber Security (NCSC) is a government agency that provides advice and guidance for businesses and citizens on how to avoid cybercrime. Every year they publish an annual report discussing cybersecurity trends over the previous 12 months and what they expect to see happening next.

This is what the 2022 edition of the NCSC Annual Report contains:

International threats
Geopolitical instability has been increasing for some time and this year the NCSC identified four nation states that they believe represent a risk to Britain and its citizens. Russia, China, Iran and North Korea are all named as serious potential threats.

Specifically, the NCSC has warned that these countries may launch a range of attacks including:

Cyber-related espionage (using IT systems for spying)
Destructive cyber capabilities (to damage IT systems and national infrastructure)
Cyber-enabled theft (stealing valuable data from government institutions and citizens)
Hack and leak (stealing sensitive data and then publishing it to embarrass the government or businesses)

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