The military wants to build lethal tanks with AI


The ATLAS project will give combat vehicles autonomous targeting capabilities.

The US Army is launching a new initiative to design vehicles equipped with artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities for increased lethal accuracy and ground combat capabilities.

The Army Contracting Command (ACC) has sent out a request on behalf of the US Army Combat Capabilities Development Command (CCDC) for contractors, vendors, and academics to submit proposals to the Advanced Targeting and Lethality Automated System (ATLAS) program.

ATLAS is a program designed to improve military technology through computer vision, AI, and machine learning (ML). 

In particular, the military wishes to develop “autonomous target acquisition technology” which can be merged with fire control systems in ground combat vehicles.

The US Army envisions a future in which AI will give combat vehicles the capability to “acquire, identify, and engage targets” with a speed boost of up to three times in comparison to current, manual processes.  

The program may include sensors, processing technology, image recognition, world modeling, range determination, AI & ML algorithms, augmentation, LIDAR laser systems, and rangefinders, among many other technologies.

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