The Fake Fix: New Chae$ 4.1 Malware Hides in Driver Downloads


The original Chae$ malware was identified in September 2023, and its latest version, dubbed Chae$ 4.1, employs advanced code polymorphism to bypass antivirus detection.

Morphisec Threat Labs has documented its findings on Chae$ 4.1, an update to the Chae malware Infostealer series, as part of its investigation of emerging cyber threats. The report explores the new Chae$ variant, highlighting its mechanics, implications, and safeguarding measures.

Back in September 2023, Morphisec shared its analysis on a new variant of Chae$ malware, dubbed Chae$4 with The malware targeted login credentials, financial data, and other sensitive information of e-commerce customers particularly in Brazil. 

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