Stories from the SOC: Quishing – Combatting embedded malicious QR codes


Executive summary

­­Over the past several months, AT&T Managed Detection and Response (MTDR) security operations center (SOC) analysts have seen an increase in the usage of phishing emails containing malicious QR codes. In a recent example, a customer that was victimized by a phishing attempt provided the AT&T analysts with an email that was circulated to several of its internal users. The analysts reviewed the email and its included attachment, a PDF containing a QR code and an urgent message claiming to be from Microsoft.

When the targeted user scanned the QR code, they were directed to a counterfeit Microsoft login page designed to harvest usernames and passwords. This type of attack is called “quishing.”

Unfortunately, several users fell victim to the attack, and their credentials were compromised. However, our analysts were able to engage with the customer and guide them through the proper remediation steps.

Encouraging targeted users to act quickly and scan the code using their phone (which often is not as secure as the rest of a company’s network) is a standard tactic employed by threat actors. By doing this, they hope to convince the user to act without thinking and forgo proper security practices allowing  the threat actor to bypass traditional security measures in place on a company network.

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