Stitch – a Python written cross platform RAT


What makes Stitch special

Another RAT? Damn straight! What makes Stitch so special, is what you’re probably asking yourself. Well for one, Stitch is fully cross platform, creates payloads of the platform it is run on, meaning if you’re running on Linux, the payloads created will work on Linux, if it’s running on Windows, the payloads created will work on Windows (this will be changed eventually). For two, it’s written in Python, everyone loves Python. Three it is extremely user friendly, meaning you could probably use this if you don’t know how to turn on a computer.

Basic functionality

The default listening port on the Stitch server is 4040, you can change this in the configuration once you have started creating payloads. Once you run Stitch you will be taken to the Stitch terminal, this is capable of running your native OS commands along with some Stitch commands as well.

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