SquareX browser-integrated cybersecurity solution keeps consumers’ online activities safe

From helpnetsecurity.com

SquareX, led by serial cybersecurity entrepreneur Vivek Ramachandran, is developing a browser-based cybersecurity product to keep consumers safe online. The company announced that it has raised $6 million in a seed round led by Sequoia Capital Southeast Asia. It will use the funds raised on R&D-engineering and go-to-market.

In today’s Cloud-SaaS era, the landscape has shifted significantly as professionals primarily use web browsers for all their online activities – checking mail, creating documents, uploading/downloading files, streaming content, banking, and e-commerce.

With the browser becoming the new “operating system,” attackers are targeting them, introducing an entirely new range of threats such as phishing, identity theft, session hijacking and other browser-based attacks.

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