SpartCrypt ransomware – a file-encrypting malware string that comes from the HiddenTear family


SpartCrypt ransomware virus

SpartCrypt ransomware is a ransom-demanding cyber threat that seems to have relations with the HiddenTear ransomware family line. The first one to discover this malware strain was a cybersecurity researcher known as S!Ri who posted the findings on Twitter.[1] This ransomware virus targets English-speaking users, infiltrates the Windows computer system, modifies entries, and performs encryption on all data files found. Later on, SpartCrypt ransomware drops the How_To_Restore_Your_Files.txt ransom note on the affected computer screen and also adds the suspicious message to each folder that holds encrypted data. Criminals urge for a ransom payment in order to receive the decryption tool for locked files. Also, these people try to prove the existence of this software by allowing victims to send 5 files that do not go over the limit of 10 MB combined altogether via the or email address.

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