Sophos 2020 Threat Report: Ransomware attackers raise the stakes


Recently, Sophos, a global network and endpoint security vendor, released the 2020 Cyber ​​Threat Report written by SophosLabs researchers, analyzing the changes in the cyber threat situation over the past 12 months and predicting how developments will affect cybersecurity in 2020.

Joe Levy, Chief Technology Officer at Sophos, said: “The cyber threat landscape continues to evolve, and the pace and degree of change are even faster and harder to predict than ever. The only thing we can determine is what is happening now, so Sophos’s 2020 The Cyber ​​Threat Report focuses on analyzing the impact of current trends on the coming year, and highlights how attackers are becoming more secretive, better at exploiting others’ mistakes and using mobile apps, the cloud, and internal networks to hide where they are and escape threat detection. This report can be used as a guide to help defenders better understand what they might be facing in the coming months, so they can be prepared.”

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