Skip Ads browser extension (Free Instructions)


Skip Ads

Skip Ads is presented as a browser extension that can skip ads for you on YouTube videos without having to press a button yourself. Judging by this description, it might seem like the app can be very useful, there is a catch, and it is not a good one. While it might fulfill the function it promises, the extension is also used by its developers as a vessel to deliver pop-ups, banners, deals, offers, and other types of ads on various websites that they visit.

Another issue with the Skip Ads browser extension is its distribution methods, as these are also not very straightforward. While one can download it on the official Google Chrome web store page, some people might be tricked into installing it along with freeware downloaded from third-party sources. Practice where several apps are compiled into a standalone installed is known as software bundling, which is responsible for most stealthy delivery of potentially unwanted apps.

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