Simulation Shows Elections’ Soft Security Underbelly



A simulation took place today in Washington, D.C., that showed how a cyberattack could impact Election Day without ever targeting voting machines.

The simulation, which took place in a fictitious town named Adversia located in a swing state, resulted in a cancelled Election Day after 200 people were wounded and 32 were killed—an outcome that was deemed a “victory” for a Blue Team of defenders.

The Red Team of cyberattackers participating in the Operation Blackout Election Hacking Tabletop Simulation, which was Hosted by endpoint detection and response (EDR) tools provider Cybereason, lost because they were unable to influence the outcome of the election. Nevertheless, the Red Team was able to convince election officials to erase electronic votes, disrupt traffic on election day to the point that many voters would be dissuaded from voting and conduct a broad disinformation campaign.

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