Simple Remote Code Execution Vulnerability Examples for Beginners | by Ozgur Alp


Especially when I talk with newbie security researchers/bug bounty hunters, they always make me feel as not thinking theirselves capable of finding Remote Code Execution vulnerabilities because they are super-complex. Because of this misconception, these people are actually not trying to find any of them or stop looking after some time. I think maybe the reason behind it is most of the examples/write-ups are really super complex bugs leading to the RCE from several different root causes with chaining one to another. While I am always impressed by these well-written write-ups & new ways of exploitations, I still continue to look for the easy ones too when hunting. Due to this, I decided to share some of the real world examples that I found on the Synack targets for a while, which were actually low-hanging-fruits and could be found/exploited by anyone. Just a few different tricks may actually exploit a vulnerability which seems not-exploitable at first.

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