SillyRAT: Cross Platform multifunctional (Windows/Linux/Mac) RAT



A cross-platform RAT is written in pure Python. The RAT accepts commands alongside arguments to either perform as the server who accepts connections or to perform as the client/target who establishes connections to the server. The generate command uses the module pyinstaller to compile the actual payload code. So, in order to generate a payload file for your respective platform, you need to be on that platform while generating the file. Moreover, you can directly get the source file as well.


  • Built-in Shell for command execution
  • Dumping System Information including drives and rams
  • Screenshot module. Captures screenshot of client screen.
  • Connection Loop (Will continue on connecting to server)
  • Currently, it uses BASE64 encoding.
  • Pure Python
  • Cross-Platform. (Tested on Linux. Errors are accepted)
  • Source File included for testing
  • Python 3

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