Signal adds quantum-resistant encryption to its E2EE messaging protocol


Signal has announced that it upgraded its end-to-end communication protocol to use quantum-resistant encryption keys to protect users from future attacks.

Quantum computers that use qubits (superpositions of 0 and 1) have the potential to be much more powerful and faster than current systems, allowing them to perform computations that would typically take years in a short time.

While Quantum computers are not a threat yet, large tech firms and other stakeholders are already preparing for their game-changing advent.

One of the threats this emerging technology poses is to weaken current encryption schemes, allowing protected data to be decrypted quickly and gaining access to encrypted secrets.

Predictions on when powerful enough quantum computers might emerge vary from 5 years to never. Nonetheless, we already face the risk of “harvest now, decrypt later,” making the adoption of quantum-resistant algorithms important.

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