Sendinc email virus is the scam campaign distributing malware by using the name of Sendinc’s free email encryption service


Sendinc email virus

Sendinc email virus – malware delivering email campaign that sends emails to infect computers and deliver data-stealing Trojan. This scam is used by cybercriminals as a method to spread Emotet malware. The Trojan is distributed through spam emails containing documents as file attachments. The purpose of this infiltration is to steal your personal data and drop other malware onto your computer. Although this email scam is not the only one of its kind, there are some unique features in every scam campaign. In this case, the malicious email is sent with Sendic’s (Send Technology) email service, hence the particular name.[1] During the attack, malicious actors pose as the legitimate service to fake the secureness of the notification and make people more willing to open the attachment.

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