Segway store compromised with Magecart skimmer


Segway store compromised with Magecart skimmer

In the early 2000’s, the Segway company released a personal transporter that would become iconic. The Segway Human Transporter was quickly sold on Amazon and featured in a number of movies.

Since 2015, Segway has been a subsidiary of Chinese-based company Ninebot and sells electric scooters under the Ninebot brand. By 2020, a number of changes in personal transportation forced the company to halt the production of its famous Segway PT.

Our web protection team recently identified a web skimmer on Segway’s online store. In this blog, we will review the attack and tie it back to a previous campaign that is attributed to Magecart Group 12. We already have informed Segway so that they can fix their site, but are publishing this blog now in order to raise awareness.

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