Security lapse exposes personal data of 6,500 Singapore accountants


A folder containing personal data of 6,541 accountants in Singapore was “inadvertently” sent to multiple parties, in a security lapse that was uncovered only months after when a review was conducted. The incident exposed personal details such as names, national identification number, date of birth, and employment information.

The incident occurred under the watch of the Singapore Accountancy Commission (SAC), a statutory body under the Ministry of Finance, which said in a statement Friday that 41 individuals in 22 organisations had received the folder containing the personal data.

The details were sent out in multiple email messages between June 12 and October 22 this year to the 22 organisations, which comprised 21 Accredited Training Organisations (ATO) and one vendor. The email was sent to inform them of “administrative matters”, the SAC said. 

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