Securing Computerized Vehicles from Potential Cybersecurity Threats


Securing Computerized Vehicles from Potential Cybersecurity Threats

Like technology itself, cybersecurity is ever-evolving and encompassing more areas of our lives, including transportation. Popular science fiction movies have led us to expect flying taxis and private space travel as the future of transportation. If that is going to become an eventual reality, the first steps towards that future are “smart cars” and automated vehicles.

Electric vehicles are expected to account for 58% of global passenger vehicle sales by 2040. The software and electrical components markets are also likely to face increased pressure and new challenges as they develop secure designs and equipment for these futuristic vehicles.

Of course, this progress has also attracted the attention of malicious actors. Electric vehicles are computerized systems just like any other, and they offer a wealth of user information and other data that make them lucrative targets for malicious hackers. Let us look at the types of cyber crimes that target modern cars and how drivers can protect their vehicles from these attacks.

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