Scan, Fake & Attack Wi-Fi Networks with the ESP8266-Based WiFi Deauther


The price of hacking Wi-Fi has fallen dramatically, and low-cost microcontrollersare increasingly being turned into cheap yet powerful hacking tools. One of the most popular is the ESP8266, an Arduino-programmable chip on which the Wi-Fi Deauther project is based. On this inexpensive board, a hacker can create fake networks, clone real ones, or disable all Wi-Fi in an area from a slick web interface

The Rise of Microcontrollers as Offense Wi-Fi Tools

Wi-Fi hacking has usually relied on a couple of pieces of hardware to do the trick. First, you’d need a computer capable of running whatever attack program you’re trying to use. Second, you’d need a wireless network adapter with a chipset that supports whatever bad Wi-Fi thing you’re trying to do. This could get expensive, with the cheapest combination of a Raspberry Pi and a wireless network adapter still coming in at around $70 to get started.

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